Dr Rakesh Shah, MD

Dr Shah

Dr. Shah is a practicing Emergency Medicine Physician in the USA AND a Certified Laughter Yoga teacher, mentored personally by Dr. Madan Kataria – the founder of the Laughter Yoga International, India

Dr. Shah has excellent knowledge and skills of the laughter methods. He conducts Virtual and Physical Laughter Yoga sessions where he makes people laugh for no reason at all without using any jokes and humor or comedy

He has already done the many Laughter Session on zoom during the COVID time in the US as well as in India which includes Laughter Session for Surat OB/GYN Society, OSHO meditation sangha in USA and in person session with young college students from Atlanta.

Dr. Shah is also a part of the advisory committee for the research on the Laughter Yoga conducted by Laughter Yoga International headqaurters based in India.

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